Python Programmer

Software Developer position at CareKhon SYSTEMS, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Job Description

We are looking for a software programmer in Chiang Mai. He will be developing systems for dentistry, clinics and hospitals in Thailand using Python and the open source tools. The position includes trainings from the software development and computer technology.


  • Nationality: Thai
  • English: intermediate (speaking, reading), basic (writing)
  • Diploma: Information Technology, Electronics or Mathematics

Minimum Technical Experience

  • Python: 1 year (personal usage or university projects counts too)

Preferable Technical Experience

  • C language
  • Linux
  • GIT or other control version system
  • Basic CSS and JavaScript


  • GUI applications programming

Included trainings

  • Linux/Unix daily usage
  • OSS development tools
  • GUI libraries programming
  • Time and tasks management

Application Form

You can apply for this position by filling this form

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