JavaScript Developer

JavaScript Developer position at CareKhon SYSTEMS, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Job Description

Do you want to be part of ambitious software startup and learn newest technologies? CareKhon SYSTEMS is growing and we are hiring JavaScript Developer to build online management system for restaurants.

We use the newest Open Source Tools and Linux systems for our work so our employees spend lot of time learning new things. Actually we use Linux on almost every our computer so we really appreciate people loving the command line.

We are young company with spacious office and beautiful view on mountains in Chiang Mai. And we invest our time to give our employees chances to learn and improve themselves.


  • JavaScript ES5
  • GNU/Linux
  • GIT

Bonus Points

  • JQuery
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Express JS
  • MongoDB
  • Coffee Script
  • Python


  • Develop online management system for restaurants

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